Ghost adventures ghost hunters

ghost adventures ghost hunters

We've been asked which paranormal TV show about ghost hunting we like more: Ghost Adventures or Ghost Hunters. Well, the answer. In T.A.P.S. latest Ghost Hunters episode founder Jason Hawes calls out the crew from The Travel channels. It's been asked a lot, I know, GA or GH. I was so addicted to Ghost Hunters when it first came out. For years. Some episodes there was no.

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This device has an audible alarm if enabled , records audio, video,takes pictures when something is detected. Ghost Asylum is just ridiculous. Now apparently Amy is leaving with Adam, as they apparently went in and asked for too much money and got the old heave-ho. Season 2, Episode 5 Eastern State Penitentiary The team goes to Philadelphia to investigate the abandoned Eastern State Penitentiary. When Bonner heard the "Ghost Adventures" staff was investigating the hotel, he and his team sent the report to producers. People who work there say they lied about the story on TV and just completely twisted facts to make it sound more entertaining. Who thought to start a show with a GHA reject as it's star anyway? ghost adventures ghost hunters I've seen teams created "all female" because they believed woman are more sensitive than men. I really enjoyed GA before Travel channel started taking over the production. For example, the apparition walking around the cemetery at Peoria State Hospital is amazing. GAC's Top 3 Freak-out Moments This one is the easiest to see:


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